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Problem Statement

Question 1. (TCO 1) When creating the script for iptables, each line must begin with _____. (Points : 5)
tcp, udp, or icmp
input or output

Question 2. (TCO 1) What iptables option defines the protocol being filtered? (Points : 5)

Question 3. (TCO 2) What type of server acts as a middleman between your LAN and the Internet? (Points : 5)

Question 4. (TCO 2) The operation of DNS is most like a _____. (Points : 5)
post card
registered letter
phone book
telephone call

Question 5. (TCO 2) If you wanted to configure your DNS client in Linux to recognize the DNS server at, you would type _____. (Points : 5)

Question 6. (TCO 4) When you configure the IP address of your e-mail server, what does the number from 1 to row 99 mean? (Points : 5)
It shows the priority of the associated e-mail server.
It shows the number of e-mail servers that are deployed.
It is optional code that has no meaning.
None of the above

Question 7. (TCO 4) MDA stands for _____. (Points : 5)
Mail Delivery Agent
Mail Download Agent
Mail Diagnostic Agent
None of the above

Question 8. (TCO 4) When an e-mail server sends a message to another e-mail server, it is acting as an _____. (Points : 5)

Question 9. (TCO 4) An MDA depends on what protocol? (Points : 5)
Both b and c

Question 10. (TCO 4) A POP3 server listens at port _____. (Points : 5)

Question 11. Question : (TCO 9) In FTP, which port is the default control port?

Question 12. Question : (TCO 9) The FTP command to close the connection but not exit the FTP client is _____.
Either b or c

Question 13. Question : (TCO 9) The FTP command to upload a single file is _____.

Question 14. Question : (TCO 9) Chroot jail does which of the following?
Prevents users from copying files.
Prevents users from accessing files outside of their directory tree.
Prevents users from logging into the system.
Prevents users from deleting files.

Question 15. Question : (TCO 9) Which of the following is not used to secure an FTP site?
Using a firewall to block ports other than 21.
Allowing anonymous FTP access.
Using TCPWrapper to identify hosts that are allowed to connect.
Configuring SELinux to restrict locations accessible by the FTP server.

Question 16. Question : (TCO 3) The location where HTML documents are stored on the Web server is called the _____.

Question 17. Question : (TCO 3) What setting is used to describe the directory where you put the HTML files of a new web site in Apache?

Question 18. Question : (TCO 3) Which of the following is not needed when configuring a new web site in Apache?
All of the above

Question 19. Question : (TCO 6) In what section of the Apache configuration file would you alter the Listen setting?
Global Environment
Main Server Configuration
Virtual Hosts
None of the above

Question 20. Question : (TCO 6) In the directory configurations, such as in .htaccess, to set no restrictions, you would type _____.
Allow everyone
Allow all
Allow from all
Allow from everyone

Question 21. Question : (TCO 2) DHCP uses which port(s) as the source port?
UDP 67 & 68
UDP 67
TCP 67 & 68
TCP 67

Question 22. Question : (TCO 2) The configuration file for the DHCP is _____.
/etc /dhcp.config
/etc /dhcp.conf

Question 23. Question : (TCO 2) When manually configuring the IP address of a workstation, the IP range of the local area network is identified by the _____.
Host IP Address
Subnet Mask
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

Question 24. Question : (TCO 6) When configuring your DHCP server, how would you set up the default lease time to be 6 hours?
option-lease-time 6
default-lease-time 21600
default-lease-time 6
default-lease-time 360

Question 25. Question : (TCO 6) Which of the following parameters determines the length of time a client may use an IP address given by the DHCP server?
Global Timeout
Lease Time
Minimal Timeout
None of the above

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