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Problem Statement
Question 1
(TCO 4) The Vigenère cipher works as a(n) _____.
1. asymmetric-encryption cipher
2. transposition and substitution cipher
3. polyalphabetic-transposition cipher
4. polyalphabetic-substitution cipher

Question 2
(TCO 4) What is a registration authority?
1. An entity that requires proof of identity from the individual requesting a certificate.
2. An entity that generates a digitally signed identification certificate
3. A centralized directory where the registered certificate is stored
4. An entity that generates electronic credentials

Question 3
(TCO 4) A corporate spy copies proprietary information into a text file and then hides the text file in an image file. The image file is then posted on the company’s website for others who know where to look to extract the information. This is the example of _____.
1. social engineering
2. steganography
3. cryptography
4. cryptanalysis

Question 4
(TCO 4) Keyspace refers to _____.
1. the location where keys are stored
2. the number of keys needed to encrypt or decrypt a message
3. all the possible key values
4. the portion of the algorithm that the key connects with to encrypt or decrypt a message

Question 5
(TCO 4) Which of the following is not a hashing algorithm?
1. SHA1
2. MD2
3. SHA13
4. MD5

Question 6
(TCO 4) What is a public-key infrastructure?
1. A structure that enables parties to use communications such as e-mail
2. A structure that provides all of the components needed for entities to communicate securely and in a predictable manner
3. A structure that enables secure communications in chat rooms and when instant messaging and text messaging
4. Another name for digital signatures

Question 7
(TCO 5) What is a certificate repository?
1. A directory that calculates a message digest for the certificate
2. An entity that generates electronic credentials
3. A directory that requires a centralized infrastructure
4. A centralized directory where the registered certificate is stored

Question 8
(TCO 4) Attackers need a certain amount of information before launching their attack. One common place to find information that could be useful to the attacker is to go through the trash of the target. The process of going through a target’s trash is known in the community as _____.
1. trash rummaging
2. garbage surfing
3. piggy diving
4. dumpster diving

Question 9
(TCO 5) What are the different fields within a digital certificate?

1. Version number, subject, public key, issuer, serial number, validity, and certificate
2. Usage, signature algorithm, and extensions
3. Key encipherment, data encipherment, CRL sign, keycert sign, and nonrepudiation
4. End entity, CA, cross certification, and policy certification

Question 10
(TCO 5) An in-house certificate authority is _____.
1. a CA that is already established and being used by many individuals and companies
2. a certificate authority that is maintained and controlled by the company that implemented it
3. a CA that provides dedicated services, and possibly equipment, to an individual company
4. a CA that provides more flexibility for companies

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