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Problem Statement

Exam: 038236RR – Integrating Word with Access and Excel
When you have completed your exam and reviewed your answers, click Submit Exam. Answers will not be recorded until you
hit Submit Exam. If you need to exit before completing the exam, click Cancel Exam.
Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page
break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. All of the following operations will move you from cell A1 to cell B1 of an embedded worksheet except
A. pressing the Right Arrow key.
B. pressing the Tab key.
C. clicking on cell B1.
D. pressing the Enter key.

2. How should you save the edited Excel worksheet that has been embedded in a Word document?
A. Click on Start, select Programs, and click the icon for the Excel program.
B. Press Alt and S at the same time.
C. Click the Save button in the upper-left corner of Word.
D. Click the Home tab, click on Select All, and press Alt + Shift + S.

3. What tells a database where to insert information in the main document?
A. Placeholder
B. Object
C. Handle
D. Field

4. How do you create a Chart within the embedded Excel spreadsheet table?
A. Click the Charts tab, and select a chart.
B. Click the Insert tab, click the Charts icon, and select a chart.
C. Right-click on embedded Excel spreadsheet, and select chart.
D. Click the Insert tab, select an icon in the Charts group, and click it.

5. Sandrelle is working in a Word document in which she’s going to insert a merge field for a greeting.
What is the placeholder that will appear in the document?
A. <>
C. &PersonalizedGreetingHere&

6. When you click on Save in the File menu, the Save As dialog box will appear if
A. the file has been altered.
B. more than one file is open.
C. the file hasn’t been saved before.
D. the file contains a linked or embedded object.

7. What are the steps to embed an Excel worksheet into a Word document?
A. Select the Insert tab, click Table, and select Excel Spreadsheet.
B. Go into Excel Spread, create table, copy, and then paste into Word document.
C. Select the Embed tab, and click on the Excel worksheet option.
D. Right-click on the Word document and select embed Excel worksheet.

8. Charles and Ann want to preview their letters merged with their mailing list. Charles will click Next:
Preview Your Letters. Ann will click Next: Preview Your Letters and then click the double arrow in the
Mail Merge pane. Who is correct?
A. Neither is correct.
B. Both are correct.
C. Only Ann is correct.
D. Only Charles is correct.

9. If you wish to display your database file one record at a time, you should create a
A. form.
B. datasheet.
C. frame.
D. table.

10. The Save As command is useful if you want to copy an open document and
A. delete the original document.
B. give the copy a new name.
C. link it to the original document.
D. remain in the original document.

11. How can you add a chart into a Word document?
A. Use the Page Layout feature.
B. Use the Chart template.
C. Draw it in Word.
D. Use the Insert tab.

12. Robert just finished his Word document with an embedded spreadsheet. What is the easiest way to
check the overall layout?
A. Use the Print Review
B. Under the View tab, switch to Form View
C. Under the View tab, switch to Normal View
D. Zoom up to 100%

13. What button in the Excel toolbar gives you the automatic sum of certain highlighted columns?
A. Click on Show Formulas, under the Formulas tab.
B. Select Formulas tab, click on Math & Trig option, and select Sum.
C. On the main home menu, select the Greek symbol used for AutoSum.
D. Select Formulas tab, and click on the Financial option menu.

14. What button on the Excel toolbar should you use to add a dollar sign?
A. The Percent Symbol
B. Format Option
C. Accounting Number Format
D. Omega Greek Symbol Auto Sum

15. Lucy needs to insert a certain date format into her Word document. How do you insert an Automatic
Date into a Word document with a certain date format?
A. Right-click on the Word document and select embed Excel worksheet.
B. Start typing the date, and Word automatically shows tooltip of full date.
C. Click Insert tab, click on Date & Time, choose a date format, and click OK.
D. Write a macro to your specifications for the Date & Time method.

16. When you embed a blank worksheet in a Word document, which Office applications are integrated?
A. Word and Access
B. Excel and Access
C. Word and Excel
D. Excel and PowerPoint

17. Jean and Les are discussing linked and embedded files. Jean says that the file that’s embedded in a
document is the source file. Les says the embedded file is the destination file. Who is correct?
A. Only Jean is correct.
B. Only Les is correct.
C. Both are correct.
D. Neither is correct.

18. When you’re in the Mail Merge option dialog box, you have the ability to
A. create a form.
B. rename the Word document.
C. create e-mails.
D. create a list of addresses.

19. What feature or attribute will be applied if you select some text and click on the button shown above?
End of exam
A. Center
B. Underscore
C. Italic
D. Boldface
20. You’re working in a Word document in which you’ve inserted a merge field to instruct Word to pull
addresses from your data source. What will the placeholder look like?
A. INSERTAddressBlockEND
B. &AddressBlock&
C. <>

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