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Problem Statement
When you have completed your exam and reviewed your answers, click Submit Exam. Answers will not be recorded until you
hit Submit Exam. If you need to exit before completing the exam, click Cancel Exam.
Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page
break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. What button in the Excel toolbar gives you the automatic sum of certain highlighted columns?
A. Click on Show Formulas, under the Formulas tab.
B. Select Formulas tab, click on the Financial option menu.
C. Select Formulas tab, click on Math & Trig option, select Sum.
D. On the main home menu, select the Greek symbol used for Auto Sum.

2. What should you do to narrow an active embedded worksheet window?
A. Double-click on the worksheet window’s right-hand border.
B. Position the mouse pointer in the middle of the worksheet window; then click and drag to the right.
C. Click on a cell in the rightmost column; then press the Right Arrow key.
D. On the right side of the worksheet window, position the mouse pointer on the resizing handle in the middle of the window’s
border; then click and drag to the left.
3. In the Microsoft Office Suite, what tells a database what to insert information in the document?
A. Placeholder
B. Table
C. Object
D. Event handler
4. What feature or attribute will be applied if you select some text and click on the button shown in
Examination Figure 1?
A. Underscore
B. Italic
C. Boldface
D. Center
5. Robert just finished his Word document with an embedded spreadsheet. What is the easiest way to
check the overall layout?
A. Zoom up to 100%
B. Use the Print Review
C. Under the View tab, switch to Form View
D. Under the View tab, switch to Normal View

6. How do you create a Chart within the embedded Excel spreadsheet table?
A. Click the Insert tab, click the Charts icon and select a chart.
B. Click the Insert tab, click on the Columns icon in the Charts group and select a chart.
C. Click the Charts tab, select a chart.
D. Right-click on embedded Excel spreadsheet, select chart.

7. What does the first field or column in an Access form or table do?
A. It updates changes in linked objects.
B. It assigns a number to each record in a database.
C. It identifies integrated files.
D. It sorts database records by selected fields.

8. What tells a database where to insert information in the main document?
A. Field
B. Handle
C. Placeholder
D. Object

9. Computer user A wants the Excel worksheet in a Word document to automatically update when she
makes changes to the Excel worksheet so she’ll embed the worksheet into the Word document. Computer
user B says to link the worksheet to the Word document. Which computer user is using the correct
A. Neither is correct.
B. Both are correct.
C. Computer user A is correct.
D. Computer user B is correct.
10. If you wish to display your database file one record at a time, you should create a
A. frame.
B. form.
C. datasheet.
D. table.

11. Bobby just inputted annual costs for Jan (A1) thru Dec (L1) in his embedded Excel spreadsheet that’s
integrated into a Word document. Now he must make sure the inputted costs have the dollar symbol and
have two decimals after each projected month. How can Bobby add the dollar symbol multiple times for
Jan (A1) thru Dec’s (L1) annual costs?
A. Go to each cell A1 through L1 and click on the Accounting Number Format button.
B. Select the Formula tab and click on the Accounting Number Format button.
C. Highlight A1 through L1, Right-click and select Dollar sign.
D. Select cells A1 through L1, click on cell A1, hold the Shift key down and drag to L1, click on Accounting Number
Format button.
12. Mae needs to resize an embedded Excel Worksheet that’s in her Word document. How do you
increase the rows to 10 rows with 6 columns?
A. Right-click on the Word document and select Embed Excel worksheet.
B. Select the Embed tab, click on the Excel worksheet option.
C. Select the Excel spreadsheet, go to the lower right corner of spreadsheet, select the arrow icon, resize and drag the columns
to 6 columns wide and 10 rows high.
D. Select the table icon, create table, select 6 columns by 10 rows long, click OK.
13. Which shortcut-key combination helps you quickly selects text from cursor selection to the end of the
A. Ctrl+Alt+Delete
B. Shift+End
C. Ctrl+C
D. Shift+F2
14. All of the following operations will move you from cell A1 to cell B1 of an embedded worksheet except
A. pressing the Right Arrow key.
B. pressing the Tab key.
C. clicking on cell B1.
D. pressing the Enter key.
15. To select the range of cells A2:D12, first click on cell A2. Then click on D12 while you hold the
_______ key.
A. Shift
B. Ctrl
C. Tab
D. Alt

16. Brian has a list of customers that needs to be entered into a new database. Before Brian can begin
entering records into a database, he must first
A. create a form to display the customer’s information.
B. create objects for the database.
C. create a table.
D. enter information into an Excel spreadsheet.

17. How do you insert an Automatic Date into a Word document?
A. Click Insert tab and under Formulas select Date Format.
B. Right-click on the Word document and select embed Excel worksheet.
C. Click Insert tab, click on Date & Time, choose a date format, check Update automatically, and click OK.
D. Start typing date and when Word automatically shows the tooltip of full date, press Enter.
End of exam

18. What is the best way to check the overall layout of an integrated document?

A. Select Normal from the View menu.
B. Set the Zoom Control to 100%.
C. Switch to Form View.
D. Use Print Preview.

19. What button on the Excel toolbar should you use to add a dollar sign?
A. The Percent Symbol
B. Format Option
C. Accounting Number Format
D. Omega Greek Symbol Auto Sum

20. Hank is working on his embedded Excel spreadsheet in a Word document. Before he can edit the
worksheet that’s embedded in his Word document, he must
A. copy the Excel spreadsheet in Excel.
B. recalculate the excel spreadsheet.
C. double-click on the embedded worksheet to activate Excel.
D. save the Word document.

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