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Problem Statement

1. (TCO A) A database stores (Points : 5)
A and B
A, B, and C

2. (TCO B) Entities of a given type are grouped into a(n) _____. (Points : 5)
entity class
entity relationship
entity instance
entity attribute
None of the above

3. (TCO C) A determinant that determines all the other columns in a relation is a _____. (Points : 5)
foreign key
candidate key
surrogate key

4. (TCO C) A table that meets the definition of a relation is in _____ (Points : 5)
third normal form
fourth normal form
Boyce-Codd normal form
second normal form
first normal form

5. (TCO D) In a SQL query, which SQL keyword is used with built-in functions to group together rows that have the same value in a specified column? (Points : 5)

6. (TCO E) Business intelligence systems fall into which of the following categories? (Points : 5)
Data mining
Data marts
B and C

7. (TCO E) One remedy for the inconsistencies caused by concurrent processing is _____. (Points : 5)
lost updates
resource locking

8. (TCO F) When the correct SQL command is used to delete a table’s structure, what happens to the data in the table? (Points : 5)
If the deleted table was a parent table, the data are added to the appropriate rows of the child table.
If the deleted table was a child table, the data are added to the appropriate rows of the parent table.
The data in the table are also deleted.
Nothing, because there were no data in the table, because only an empty table can be deleted.
A and B

9. (TCO G) Which of the following is not true about locks? (Points : 5)
Locks with large granularity are easier for the DBMS to administer.
Locks with small granularity cause more conflicts.
Locks with large granularity produce fewer details for the DBMS to track.
Locks may have a table-level granularity.
Locks may have a database-level granularity.

10. (TCO G) The situation that occurs when two users are each waiting for a resource that the other person has locked is known as a(n) (Points : 5)
lost update problem.
inconsistent read problem.
inconsistent write problem.

11. (TCO A) Explain why a small database is not necessarily simpler than a large one. (Points : 21)

12. (TCO B) What is meant by the cardinality of a relationship? Describe the two types of cardinality, including a description of the subtypes of each type. (Points : 21)

13. (TCO C) Describe the requirements that a table must meet to qualify as a relation. (Points : 21)

14. (TCO C) What is the multivalue, multicolumn problem, and why is it a problem? (Points : 21)

15. (TCO D) What is SQL? What is it used for? Describe the categories of SQL. (Points : 21)

16. (TCO E) Why are operational data sometimes unusable for business intelligence use? (Points : 21)

17. (TCO F) What is a correlated subquery? (Points : 21)

18. (TCO F) Explain the concept of an atomic transaction. (Points : 21)

19. (TCO G) Why do we say a database is self-describing, and why is this an advantage? (Points : 21)

20. (TCO G) What are metadata, and how do they relate to the definition of a database? (Points : 21)

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