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Problem Statement

Question 1

(TCO 4) An example of bottom up estimating would be:

• If it cost two dollars today to buy a server, then it will cost three dollars tomorrow to buy the same server.

• Senior management has said this project will cost $10,000.

• The consulting company doing the work estimates the work to cost $40,000.

• A 100-square foot building costs $1100; therefore, a 1000-square foot building should cost $11000.

Question 2

(TCO 6) You are the project manager of a major IT project in Italy. You review your earned value report and you see that your CPI is .78. What does this mean to you?

• The project is doing fine. It will be completed on budget.

• The project is slightly under budget. No corrections are needed.

• The project is slightly over budget. Corrections are needed.

• The project is very much over budget. Immediate corrections are needed.

Question 3

(TCO 4) Which of the below is an example of a fixed cost to a project?

• Cost of mortgage on a building needed for the project

• Cost of a day rental van needed for the project

• Cost of labor to support the project

• Cost of electricity needed to operate a machine needed for the project

Question 4

(TCO 7) Which of the following is an example of an informal verbal form of communication?

• A major status meeting with project clients on the project’s progress

• Presentations to senior management on the project status

• Contracts with a client

• A memo from the senior VP of the company

Question 5

(TCO 8) What document provides the project manager with information concerning what department and what individual is to provide HR support to his or her project?

• The WBS

• The OBS

• The RAM

• The RBS

Question 6

(TCO 8) You are the project manager of a large, virtual HR project. You want to improve the functioning of the project team. Which of the techniques below would not likely improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the project team?

• Let team members disappear as needed from the project.

• Create a process to handle conflict.

• Hold face-to-face meetings whenever possible.

• Keep all team members informed and communicating.

Question 7

(TCO 9) Leadership in agile project management focuses on _____. Leadership in traditional project management focuses on _____.

• collaboration; control

• command; creativity

• creativity; collaboration

• control; collaboration

Question 8

(TCO 6) To control your project, you decide to use milestone analysis. Which of the below is not a benefit of using milestone analysis to control a project?

• Milestones help align schedules with vendors.

• Milestones can be used as signals to team members.

• Milestones can motivate the project team.

• Milestones ensure the WBS is followed.

Question 9

(TCO 4) You are preparing a schedule and a budget for a project to develop a new accounting software application for a company.
(a) Explain how you would use the three-point estimating technique for this project (7 points).
(b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of three-point estimates for a software project (7 points).
(c) Identify one other estimating technique you might use on this project, and discuss why you selected it. (6 points)

Question 10
(TCO 6) You are comparing two projects. Using the data below, calculate the CV, SV, SPI, and CPI. Second, use the values to provide the status of each project (that is, whether it is ahead of, on, or behind schedule, and whether it is under, on, or over budget).. All values are in dollars.

Project A Project B
EV 695 660
PV 610 975
AC 825 710

Question 11

(TCOs 4 and 6) As the project manager for a project to develop a new video game, describe how you might apply the four steps in the general project control cycle. Provide a specific example for each step.

Question 12

(TCO 8) For a team that you have been part of (either at work, school, or elsewhere), discuss how the team moved through each of the five stages in the five-stage group development model. Describe what happened at each stage.

Question 13

(TCO 9) You have been asked to manage a project using agile methods. The project will take place within a functional organization structure in which each team member will be asked to spend 50% of their time on your project and 50% on their regular duties within their functional department. Discuss the challenges this arrangement will likely create, and how you would address them as the project manager.

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