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CIS 206 Week 1 iLab 1: Identifying System Components and Resources
TCO: 1 Given a computer system diagram, list the common input devices, output devices, and other associated ports, such as AT Keyboard/ 5pin DIN, Printer/25 Pin Parallel port LPT1, Monitor/15pin VGA port, etc.
You have just been hired by ABC Inc. They received a shipment of new PCs 10 months before you were hired, but all the documentation has been misplaced. You will need to identify the resources assigned to each system component. Using the device manager in Windows, document the information on the following resources and be sure to include all resources (DMA channel, I/O Addresses, interrupt Request and Memory information). Note: not all devices require all four types of resources.
1 PS2 mouse 1 Keyboard 1 Display Adapter 1 Floppy Drive (if available) 1 LPT Printer Port 1 Network Card Com Ports (if available)
Desired (Lab) Learning Outcome: After completing the lab, you should be able to successfully identify the components on the physical machines by using device manager or other Windows based Utilities.
You are required to complete the Lab Report Template listed in step one of this page. In addition, you must submit along with the lab report template a screen shot of each component and its resources.
Note: You will be graded based on the steps and tasks you complete successfully. Credit will be given for partial completions of steps.
All iLabs must be submitted following iLabTechnicalReportTemplate document and the report file must be dropped into the corresponding bascket in the drop box!
After finishing the steps below, you have to submit your iLab in MS Word or any other equivalent format. Always refer to TechnicalReportsWriting:iLabs and Projects for more details about Technical Reports Writings.
STEP 1: Accessing the Windows desktop
After successfully launching the virtual lab environment, you will be prompted for login credentials. The appropriate login for this lab is Administrator with the password of password in lowercase.
If you need a refresher on how to access the lab environment, see the Course Home iLab tab – Tutorials Section there is a video FAQ on how to login into the lab environment.
STEP 2: Launching the device manager
There are multiple ways to access the device manager. For the purpose of this lab, we will access the device manager via the “My computer” icon on the desktop. Begin by right-clicking on the “My computer” icon. Choose properties from the menu. The system properties window will appear; from here, choose the hardware tab and then click on the device manager button.
STEP 3: Identifying devices and system resources
At this point you are ready to begin identifying the different devices and the resources assigned to them. Before beginning, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different views available in device manager. For example, click on the view menu tab and navigate through the different views. You can view the devices by type and connection, or the resources by type and connection. You will need to determine which view provides the best information to meet the objectives of this lab.
STEP 4: Capturing screen shots and Documenting your iLab:
In order to complete this lab you will need to submit screen shots of each device and resources being used by the device.
STEP 5: Exiting the lab
Once you have successfully completed the required work, exit from the device manager utility. You can now end the virtual lab session. Once you have completed the lab report, submit it to the week 1 iLab dropbox.

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