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Problem Statement

What is the first step in software development?
Develop the logical solution
Understand the problem
Plan/design the logic
Translate the code

2. What are named locations in a computer’s memory holding information required by a program?
IPO Model

3. What symbol in a flowchart would be used by a developer to represent the beginning or ending point?

4. ) Set name = “BSCIS” is a process. What data type would you expect the variable, name, to have?
Any of the above

5. (You are using dollar amounts in an algorithm. What data type would you assign? (
Any of the above

6. What tool is used by developers to design logic using specific shapes/symbols?
Desk checking
Hierarchy charts

7. When a program evaluates mathematical expression, which of the following operators (or mathematical operations) takes precedence? (
All of the above because all have equal precedence

8. (Which one of the following is a valid assignment statement in a program? (
total = total + 1
counter = counter + 10
tax = amount * .10
All are valid assignment statements.

9. (Evaluate (2 * 3) ^ 3.

10. (TCO 2) Review the partial pseudocode below. What is the correct math expression to complete the algorithm and total sales for both regions?
Prompt “Enter total sales for region 1: “
Input region1
Prompt “Enter total sales for region 2: “
Input region2
Set _____
Display “total sales: “ + total (Points : 4)
total = region2
total = region1 * region2
total = region1 + region2
total = region1

11. (TCO 3 & 4) Review the pseudocode below. What will be displayed when this algorithm executes?
Set x = 20
If ((x > = 10) AND (x < 20)) then Display “the IF path executes” Else Display “the ELSE path executes” EndIf (Points : 4) the IF path executes the ELSE path executes 20 (x >= 10) AND (x < 20) 12. (TCO 3 & 4) What value gets displayed for the variable X? Set A = 5 Set B = 10 Set C = 15 If (B > 15) AND ((A = 5) OR (C <= 15)) then Set X = 1 Else Set X = 0 EndIf Display X (Points : 4) 5 1 10 0 13. (TCO 3 & 4) In the following pseudocode, what raise will an employee in Department 6 receive? If department < 2 then Set raise = 1000 Else If department < 6 then Set raise = 2500 Else Set raise = 3000 EndIf EndIf (Points : 4) 1,000 2,500 3,000 0 14. (TCO 3 & 4) Which of the selection structures determine whether the user enters a number outside a range of 5 and 15? (Points : 4) If commission <> 15
If commission <= 15 If (commission >= 5) OR (commission <=15) If (commission >=5) AND (commission <= 15) 15. (TCO 3 & 4) What value gets displayed for the variable Z? Set balance = 800 Set stateCode = 6 Set creditCode = 7 If ((balance <> 800) OR (stateCode <> 6) OR (creditCode <> 7) then
Set Z = 3
Set Z = 2
Display Z (Points : 4)

1. (TCO 5) The statements executed within a loop are known collectively as the _____. (Points : 4)
loop controls
exit condition
entry condition
loop body

2. (TCO 5) Which of the following statements is false? (Points : 4)
A DO loop is a post-test loop
A REPEAT..UNTIL loop is a post-test loop
A DOWHILE loop is a pre-test loop
All of the above statements are true

3. (TCO 5) A DO loop is considered what type of loop? (Points : 4)
A counted loop
A post-test loop
A sequence structure
A selection structure

4. (TCO 5) What happens when the loop control variable is not changed? (Points : 4)
A counter is displayed.
The program will automatically stop the loop.
The program will immediately terminate.
An infinite loop occurs.

5. (TCO 5) How many times will the following loop be executed?
Set num = 0
DOWHILE num <= 6 Display num Set num = num + 1 ENDO (Points : 4) Zero times One time Six times Seven times 6. (TCO 7) What is another name for an array’s index? (Points : 4) An element An array A subscript An index 7. (TCO 7) Suppose you have an array named number, and two of its elements are number(1) and number(4). You know that _____. (Points : 4) the two elements hold the same value the two elements are at the same memory location the array holds exactly four elements there are exactly two elements between number(1) and number(4) 8. (TCO 7) Which one of the following correctly declares a zero-based array of four integers? (Points : 4) Declare Integer numArray(3) Declare Integer numArray(4) Declare Real numArray(3) Declare Real numArray(4) 9. (TCO 7) When processing the elements of an array, what control structure is used to move through each element within the array? (Points : 4) Sequence control structure Selection control structure Repetition control structure Data structure 10. (TCO 7) A zero-based array named sales has been declared and loaded with the values 100, 1100, 3400, 5550, 3000, 22300, and 1200. What value will be stored in the array element sales(1)? (Points : 4) 1100 3400 5550 100 11. (TCO 6) A file contains _____. (Points : 4) a collection of records a collection of only strings a collection of only integers a collection of Boolean variables 12. (TCO 6) What is automatically placed at the bottom of a file when the file is closed? (Points : 4) End-of-file marker The file pointer The file-position indicator The out-of-bounds indicator 13. (TCO 8) Menu-driven programs need to give the user the option to _____. (Points : 4) view data enter data exit/quit the menu All of the above 14. (TCO 9) What type of error occurs when a program will not execute because the rules of the language have been violated? (Points : 4) Syntax error Runtime error Logic error Out-of-bounds error 15. (TCO 2) The first module is usually considered to be called the _____ module. (Points : 4) hierarchy top boss main 1. (TCO 10) A retail store is having a customer appreciation sale. Depending on the total dollars purchased, the customer could receive a discount on his or her total purchases. You are to develop pseudocode that will obtain the total dollars purchased from the user, determine the discount percentage, and display the total amount due. When the purchases are more than $100, the discount is 10%. When the purchases are $100 or less, the discount is 5%. (Points : 10) 2. (TCO 10) A small business in your neighborhood would like an application developed that determines the average dollar amount spent for every three purchases. The user will enter three different purchase amounts. You need to display the average to your client. Complete the pseudocode to design your logic. (Points : 10) 3. (TCO 9 & 10) There is a logic error in the following pseudocode. The loop needs to execute four times. What statement(s) would you need to add or change to correct the logic? Be sure to explain why you are adding or changing the statements. Set total = 0 REPEAT Set total = total + 1 UNTIL total < 7 EndWhile Display total (Points : 10) 4. (TCO 4 & 10) Complete the pseudocode by rewriting the algorithm. The design is determining the correct sales tax depending on the county identifying code. Counties with a number less than 10 have a 6% sales tax. The 11–25 codes have a sales tax of 7%. Codes above 25 have a sales tax of 8%. The code is entered by the user. Begin Declare Real salesTax Declare _____ countyCode _____ “Enter the county code: “ _____ countyCode If _____ <= 10 then Set salesTax = _____ Else If _____ AND _____ then Set salesTax = 0.07 Else _____ EndIf _____ Display “the sales tax is: “ + _____ End (Points : 10) 5. (TCO 5 & 10) Complete the pseudocode by rewriting the algorithm. The design is to display a 60-second countdown. Begin Declare _____ count Set _____ = 60 REPEAT Display “countdown: “ + _____ Set count = _____ - 1 UNTIL _____ EndDo Display “LIFT OFF!” End (Points : 10) 6. (TCO 4, 5 & 10) Complete the pseudocode by rewriting the algorithm. The colors red, blue, and yellow are known as primary colors because they cannot be made by mixing other colors. When you mix two primary colors, you get a secondary color. Mixing yellow and blue gets you green. Mixing red and blue gets you purple. The algorithm allows the user to enter two primary colors and then displays the resulting secondary color. The colors entered by the user will be validated to ensure they entered a primary color. Begin Declare String color1 Declare String color2 Declare String control1 Declare String control2 _____ “Enter first primary color: “ Input _____ Prompt “Enter the second primary color: “ Input _____ Set control1 = “n” DOWHILE control1 = “n” If (color1 <> “yellow”) _____ (color1 <> “red”) _____ (color1 <> “blue”) then
Prompt “first primary color is invalid”
Input _____
Set control1 = “y”
Set control2 = “n”
DOWHILE control2 = “n”
If (color2 <> “yellow”) _____ (color2 <> “red”) _____ (color2 <> “blue”) then
Prompt “second primary color is invalid”
Input color2
Set control2 = “y”
If (color1 = “red”) AND (_____) then
Display “secondary color is: purple”
If (color1 = “yellow”) AND (_____) then
Display “secondary color is: green”
End (Points : 10)

7. (TCO 1, 2, 3, & 4) Describe the difference between a flowchart and pseudocode and explain whether one is more important to develop than the other. (Points : 10)

8. (TCO 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5) Describe two of the three control structures and how relational and logical operators are used. (Points : 10)

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