CIS115 Week 8 – Sample Question 6 – Guaranteed 100% score

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Problem Statement
Complete the pseudocode by rewriting the algorithm. The colors red, blue, and yellow are known as primary colors because they cannot be made by mixing other colors. When you mix two primary colors, you get a secondary color. Mixing yellow and blue gets you green. Mixing red and blue gets you purple. The algorithm allows the user to enter two primary colors and then displays the resulting secondary color. The colors entered by the user will be validated to ensure they entered a primary color.
Declare String color1
Declare String color2
Declare String control1
Declare String control2
______ “Enter first primary color: “
Input _______
Prompt “Enter the second primary color: “
Input _________
Set control1 = “n”
DOWHILE control1 = “n”
If (color1 <> “yellow”) ______ (color1 <> “red”) _______ (color1 <> “blue”) then
Prompt “first primary color is invalid”
Input _________
Set control1 = “y”
Set control2 = “n”
DOWHILE control2 = “n”
If (color2 <> “yellow”) ______ (color2 <> “red”) _______ (color2 <> “blue”) then
Prompt “second primary color is invalid”
Input color2
Set control2 = “y”
If (color1 = “red”) AND (__________) then
Display “secondary color is: purple”
If (color1 = “yellow”) AND (_________) then
Display “secondary color is: green”

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Lab Price = $4
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Please feel free to send us your queries at: [email protected]

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