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Problem Statement
Week 7: Lab Overview
Lab 7 of 7: Coding in Functional and Logic Programming Languages (50 points)
Lab Overview
Download the Week 7 Lab and complete all the questions listed on the page. You will notice that the readings, including lessons, the examples we worked on during the lesson, and other audio and visual aids provided, will help you tackle this week’s lab. Remember to use the weekly discussion related to the lab and the Course Q & A Forum in the Introduction and Resources module for additional help. Be specific and state the problem you are having clearly, including what you have done to resolve it, in the discussion.
Please save the completed Word document using the following naming convention. Save it personalized as CEIS420_LastName_FirstName_iLab7.
Required Software
Microsoft Word
Access the software at https://lab.devry.edu (Links to an external site.).
Lab Steps
STEP 1: Complete Lab
• Download the Week 7 Lab (Links to an external site.) to prepare for your deliverable this week.
• Complete the code for Part A.
• Answer the questions for Part A.
• Complete the code for Part B.
• Take screenshots using ALT-PrtScrn and paste them into the lab report.
• Answer the questions for Part C.
Grading Rubric
Category Points % Description
Part A: Functional Programming in Scheme 25 50 Create a Scheme function.
Part B: Functional Programming Versus Object-Oriented Programming 20 40 Comparing function language versus OOP language.
Part C: Analyzing Functional Programming Versus Object-Oriented Programming 5 10 Analyzing function programming versus OOP programming.
Total 50 100

Week 7 Lab—Functional Programming Versus Object-Oriented Programming

In this week’s lab, you will look at functional programming in scheme and compare it to object- oriented programming.

Point distribution for this activity:
Lab Activity
Document Points possible Points received
Part A 25
Part B 20
Part C 5
Total Points 50

Part A: Functional Programming in Scheme
Use a scheme interpreter online (or download an interpreter). https://repl.it/repls/DetailedHightechChemistry
We will look at two different functions in scheme and compare them to an OOP language.
1. A famous algorithm for sorting a list is called quicksort. Type in the following code for quick sort into the scheme interpreter.
(define qsort
(lambda (l)
(let ((lesser ‘()))
(let ((greater ‘()))
((null? l) ‘())
(else (map (lambda (ele)
(if (> (car l) ele)
(set! lesser (cons ele lesser))
(set! greater (cons ele greater)))) (cdr l))
(append (qsort lesser) (cons (car l) (qsort greater))))

To run this code, pick run at the top of the screen.

Then type in the function name and a set of numbers as below so that scheme will sort them. For example: (qsort ‘(1 2 5 8 0 4 3))

Add different numbers than above and paste a screenshot showing it working to sort the list.
2. Another famous function that adds up the previous two numbers to create a list is called the Fibonacci sequence.
Write this code in scheme to create a Fibonacci sequence.
(define (fib n)
(if (< n 2) n (+ (fib (- n 1))
(fib (- n 2)))))

What is the result of the 10th element? And the 15th element?
(fib 10)
Answer: ______________________
(fib 15)
Answer: ______________________
Part B:
1. To examine the differences between the code, we will implement the same code in Java, C++ or C#.
Example Java Code:
Qsort class:
class Qsort {
/* This function takes last element and places it in the correct position in the sorted array. Then places smaller elements to the left and greater to the right
int partition(int arr[], int low, int high)
int pivot = arr[high];
int i = (low-1); // index of smaller element
for (int j=low; j Array to be sorted,
low –> Starting index,
high –> Ending index */
void sort(int arr[], int low, int high)
if (low < high)
/* pi is partitioning index, arr[pi] is
now at right place */
int pi = partition(arr, low, high);

// Recursively sort elements before
// partition and after partition
sort(arr, low, pi-1);
sort(arr, pi+1, high);
Quicksort class (including main):
public class Quicksort {

public static void main(String[] args) {
int arr[] = {1, 2, 5, 8, 0, 4, 3};
int n = arr.length;

Qsort ob = new Qsort();
ob.sort(arr, 0, n-1);

System.out.println(“sorted array”);
static void printArray(int arr[])
int n = arr.length;
for (int i=0; i

Relevant Material
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Lab 7:Quick Sort-DefaultOutput
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