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Problem Statement
1. (TCO 7) The _______ lets you bind data in the three-tier architecture model using a database application. (Points : 3)
Fill method
Adapter class
Connection class
Object Data Source

2. (TCO 8) A(n) ________ allows you to use SSL when developing ASP.NET applications. (Points : 3)

transaction type control
login control
encryption class
digital certificate

3. (TCO 7) User controls offer the benefits of _______. (Points : 3)
decreased development time
reduced maintenance time
consistency throughout application
reduced test time
All of the above

4. (TCO 7) The ________ specify how the user control will be referenced in the Web page’s HTML portion. (Points : 3)
TagPrefix and TagName
TagName and TagStyle

5. (TCO 8) _____ is the process of validating the user to grant them access to the application. (Points : 3)
Validation class
Server trust

6. (TCO 8) The default website security for ASP.NET applications is _______. (Points : 3)

Windows Authentication
Project Authentication
Server Authentication
Domain Authentication
User Authentication

7. (TCO 7) The ________ class allows you to store and retrieve a user’s data. (Points : 3)
Control level
Application level
N-Tier Security

8. (TCO 7) You need ________ in order to add one or more Views to a control. (Points : 3)
a View control
View control set to True
MultiView control set to True
ViewOn control set to True
a MultiView control

9. (TCO 7) A _______ control can be implemented to allow users to step through a process. (Points : 3)
Object Browser
Transaction processing
MutliView wizard

10. (TCO 7) The ________ part of ASP.NET Web pages can contain a combination of Web controls. (Points : 3)
Code dialog
Source control
Design level

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Lab Price = $10
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