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Problem Statement
Question 1

(CO 2) Which of the following is not an Access table property?
• Unicode Compression.
• Hyperlink
• Allow Zero Length
• Format

Question 2

(CO 2) In an ER diagram, a crow’s foot is used
• as a symbol for an entity.
• to model attributes.
• to point toward a child table.
• to establish tuples.

Question 3

(CO 2) SQL is
• nonprocedural and record oriented.
• procedural and object oriented.
• procedural and record oriented.
• nonprocedural and table oriented.

Question 4

(CO 3) A relational table includes the following conditions except

• rows must be in order.
• column entries and attributes must be the same data type.
• cells contain a single data value.
• columns or attributes have a well defined range of values.

Question 5

(CO 3) In Access, a query result that contained the date November 12, 2011 could have had which of the following query criteria?
• #12/11/2011#
• Between #10/01/2011# And #11/12/2011#
• 12/11/2011
• 11/12/2011

Question 6

(CO 3) The field property that ensures that the field is not empty is

• required.
• validation rule.
• format.
• validation.

Question 7

(CO 3) All of the following are true about the indexed property except
• indexing a table speeds the retrieval time.
• primary keys must be indexed.
• an example of a setting is yes (duplicates OK).
• indexed records are scanned sequentially.

Question 8

(CO 4) All of the following make good candidates for a field on an employee table except
• Last name.
• Hire date.
• Employee ID.
• Name.

Question 9

(CO 4) Which of the following is NOT an Access data type?
• Currency
• Date/Time
• Text
• Name

Question 10

(CO 2) What is the special character called to represent one or more characters in the criteria area of a query?

• Wildcard
• Operand
• Operator
• Delimiter

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