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Problem Statement

Question 1
(CO 1) Databases create business values by
• facilitating transaction processing.
• providing data for decisions support systems.
• storing business data.
• All of the above

Question 2
(CO 1) Which of the following means not equal to 30?
• >30
• = 30
• >< 30 • <> 30

Question 3

(CO 1) The navigation pane allows you to
• open tables.
• open views.
• filter by datatype.
• filter by group and navigate to category.

Question 4

(CO 1) All of the following filters work except
• filter by selection with an equal condition.
• filter by selection with a comparison operator.

• filter by selection with an edit operator.
• filter by form with a comparison operator.

Question 5
(CO 1) A Report section that is used to summarize grouped field data is
• detail.
• group header.
• group footer.
• report footer.

Question 6

(CO 2) A table is also recognized as a(n)
• cardinality.
• domain.
• entity.
• key.

Question 7

(CO 2) Which of the following is supported by a primary key?
• Changeable over time
• May be null
• Unique identifier
• Updateable

Question 8

(CO 3) Which of the following should be considered when designing a database?
• How calculated fields are used
• Store data in its smallest parts
• The relationship between attribute keys
• The relationships between records

Question 9
(CO 3) A functional dependency is
• a logical relationship between attributes of a table.
• a logical primary key.
• a composite key.
• a unique identifier.

Question 10
(CO 3) Which of the following is NOT true of indexed property?
• An example of a setting is yes (no duplicates).
• Indexing a table speeds the retrieval time.
• Primary keys must be indexed.
• Setting the index requires each record to be scanned sequentially and saves time searching data.

Question 11
(CO 4) Which function is used to isolate a specific portion of a date, such as year, month, or day in a date field?
• Date
• DateDiff
• DateParse
• DatePart

Question 12

(CO 5) All of the following describe form usage except
• a form user should have less input errors than a table user.
• a form can show data from only one table.
• forms restrict data entry to one record at a time.
• you can create Access forms to match paper forms.

Question 13

(CO 5) A bound control
• always contains a label.
• contains text and number values entered by the user.
• is unique and contains a data field from another underlying source.
• must contain a formula.

Question 14

(CO 6) Which of the following statements is NOT correct about a query?
• Changing data values in a query will not change data values in a table.
• Data is not saved within a query.
• Instructions on which data to display are saved within a query.
• Instructions on the format to display data are saved within a query.

Question 15
(CO 6) After running a query, which view will be shown?
• Datasheet
• Design
• Query
• Result

Question 16

(CO 9) Default normalization form 4 takes place
• when third normal-form has one and only one candidate key, which is a primary key.
• when third normal-form includes several candidate keys.
• when all candidate keys are identified.
• when all tables are related.

Question 17
(CO 2) A validation rule
• can prohibit values from being entered that may not meet a criterion.
• compares a field to a table.
• is an error message that appears when a value is incorrectly entered into a field.
• makes a value entered into a field appear in a particular format.

Question 18
(CO 8) The _____ interface displays a menu that provides the ability to open the various objects within the database and to move easily from one object to another.
• form
• utility
• switchboard form or navigation form
• object

Question 19
(CO 9) Of the following security techniques available in Microsoft Access to keep a database application safe, which choice would make the database virtually impossible to break into?
• Creating a menu system
• Encrypting and password-protecting the database
• Digitally signing and publishing the database
• Saving the database as an ACCDE file

Question 20

(CO 9) All of the following describe a digital signature certification authority except
• a certification authority company provides a digital signature when a high level of security is needed to protect the contents of a database.
• a certification authority is a commercial company that is highly regulated in most countries.
• a fee is charged for the service of issuing and validating identities using a digital signature.
• certification authority companies establish their own rules and regulations that users must follow.

Question 21

(CO 10) ACCDE files
• deny users permission to change data but not modify a database.
• deny users permission to create forms and reports but will allow them to modify forms and reports.
• give users permission to create and change forms and reports within a database.
• give users permission to fully access a database.

Question 22
(CO 4) Which statement below is NOT true of the one-to-many relationships in the database description below?

Image Description: Three tables are pictured: Table 1: Order details with primary keys of OrderID and ProductID and fields: UnitPrice, Quantity, and Discount. Table 2: Orders with an OrderID primary key and fields of CustomerID, EmployeeID, OrderDate, RequiredDate, ShippedDate, ShipVia, Freight, ShipName, ShipAddress, ShipCity, ShipRegion, ShipPostalCode, and ShipCountry. Table 3: Customer has a primary key of CustomerID, Fields: CompanyName, ContactName, ContactTitle, Address, City, Region, PostalCode, Country, Phone, and Fax. There is a relationship labeled with the infinity symbol attached to the OrderDetails (Table 1) and also attached with a number 1 to the orders table (Table 2). There is also a relationship with the infinity symbol beginning at orders table (Table 2) and connected to the customers table (Table 2) using a 1.

• It is the least used type of relationship.
• OrderID is a unique identification number that would be used in the orders table and order details table.
• Each record in the orders table may match one, more than one, or no records in the order details table.
• Each record in an orders table matches only one record in the customers table.

Question 23
(CO 1) Justify the decision to use a report instead of a form to present last month’s sales results to the sales managers at the monthly business meeting.

Question 24
(CO 2) Explain business logic, and describe how it relates to a relational database.
Question 25
(CO 4) Describe the insert problem caused by a denormalized design.
Question 26
(CO 4) Explain 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF as related to database design.

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