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Problem Statement


Complete the following queries using the #130 Bavant Marine Services Database.

1. Create a query containing the Marina Number, Name, Address City, State and Zip Code. Include only those Marinas who are within zip code 46534 or 43566 or 43655.
2. Create a query containing Tech Number, Last Name, First Name, Hourly Rate and Zip Code for those Technicians whose hourly rate is less than $24.00 and the zip code is 47711.
3. Create a query containing the Marina Number, Name, City and State for those Marinas in the city of Burton.
4. Create a query containing the Marina Number, Name, Warranty and Non-Warranty amounts for Marina number EL25.
5. Create a query containing the Marina Number, Name, Warranty and Non Warranty amounts for those marinas with warranties greater than 1,000. Sort the query in warranty, descending order.
6. Create a query containing the Marina Number, Warranty amount and Tech Number for those Marinas with warranty amount greater than 1,000 and Tech Number equal 36.
7. Create a query containing the Marina Number, Address, City, Warranty, Zip Code and a calculated field named WarrantyDownPayment. The calculated field is arrived at by multiplying the Warranty times .10. Sort the query in WarrantyDownPayment, ascending sequence.
8. Create a query containing the Marina Number, City, State, Warranty, Non Warranty and Zip Code. Calculate the TotalWarrantyAmount. This amount is calculated by adding the Warranty and Non-warranty amounts.
9. Create a query containing Zip Code, Tech Number, City, State, Marina Number, and Tech Number. Sort the query by Tech Number (in descending order) within State (ascending order). Remember the sequence of the fields listed above my not be correct to produce the desired sorting sequence. It is up to you to determine the correct sequence of the fields in the query to arrive at the correct sort sequence.

10. Join the Marina and Technician Tables. Create a query containing the Marina Number, Name, Zip Code and Tech Number from the Marina table and the Last Name, First Name and Hourly rate from the Technician table.
11. Create a Report of the query produced in number 6 above. Title the report Tech number 36 Marinas With Large Warranties.
12. Create a Form for the Technician Table.
Make certain to name your queries correctly. Your first and last name followed by the query number on the exam. No credit will be given for any queries not named John Doe query 2 would be the name for query number 2, however you would substitute your first and last name..

Make certain your database is closed before posting it to Blackboard.
I must receive a copy of your database on Blackboard for credit to be given.
There will be no exceptions. I will not accept any databases after the due date within the class session.




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