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Problem Statement

Week 6 Personal Values Assignment
In Chapter 3 of our textbook, Sukiennik and Raufman (2016) introduced values and explained several ways to help you identify the values you hold dear.

For example, Sukiennik and Raufman (2016) encouraged you to explore the things that you cherish and note them because this will reveal something about what you value. They also suggested you examine the positions and opinions you’re willing to state publicly as a way to uncover the values that are guiding and influencing your behavior. Another way is to explore your accomplishments and examine how these life experiences reflect the things you regard as important.

Below are the various approaches you can take to clarify your values. Read about each of these approaches as they are explained further by Sukiennik and Raufman (2016) on pages 40 and 42.

Instructions: To complete the assignment, begin by choosing one of the approaches below to identify your values. Follow the steps of the approach. When you have identified three to five values that you genuinely hold, answer the questions below in a separate Microsoft Word document. Submit your assignment by the assignment deadline.

The Values Grid (see Sukinnik and Raufman, 2016, p. 40)
1. Record at least five of your accomplishments.
2. Then, beside each accomplishment, write down a few values that are reflected in each accomplishment.
3. Finally, you will have several values listed. Identify the five values common among your accomplishments.


Explore Your Values (see Sukinnik and Raufman, 2016, p. 42)
1. In this approach, you can begin by listing activities you enjoy. You might also answer exploratory questions, such as “what would you do with unlimited funds?”
2. Provide lengthy responses to these questions.
3. Then, review the responses you provided with the intention of identifying the values reflected in your responses.


Success Strategies Values (see Sukinnik and Raufman, 2016, p. 42)
1. Record 5–10 decisions you made in the previous week, big and small.
2. Review the decisions. More specifically, look for patterns in the choices you made throughout the week.
3. Finally, evaluate whether the decisions you made align with what you say you value.


Describe the approach you took in identifying your three to five values. Which approach did you choose from the list above, and how did you use the approach to identify your values (1–2 paragraphs)?

What values did you identify, and what does each value mean to you exactly (1–2 paragraphs that includes the values you identified along with personally meaningful definitions in your own words)?

Sukinennik and Raufman (2016) suggest that you consider how you will use your values. They ask the question “In the service of what need, will you put your values to work?” (p. 47). Express your values in the form of a mission statement (1–2 sentences that are goal-oriented and that include the values listed above).

Grading Rubric
Graded Item Description Good/Fair/Poor/incomplete
Reflecting on Personal Values Completed assignment is a well-developed self-reflection. It includes a thorough description of the process of identifying three to five values. The values identified are included, and each has been defined in the words of the student. A mission statement is included that is goal-oriented and contains the values identified. It is insightful and demonstrates critical thinking. It is approximately two to three paragraphs along with one mission statement. 40/30/10/0
Writing, Mechanics, and Grammar Paragraphs are focused and flow from idea to idea. The completed assignment is not a collection of random thoughts.

Writing is clear. Student has elaborated on the insights gained and used own words to provide further clarity.

Writing is correct. Any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar do not interfere with meaning. 10/5/2/0
Total Points Earned
Total Points Possible 50

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Week 6: Screenshot
Week 6: Screenshot
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