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Problem Statement

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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page
break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. You’re beginning an email marketing campaign and want to employ best practices. Which of the
following is a guideline you should follow?
A. Send emails on the weekends
B. Send emails at the end of the workday
C. Send emails on Fridays
D. Send emails Monday through Thursday
2. Jose and Mary are discussing budgeting for new innovation. Jose says you should take budget dollars
from existing online marketing for new forms of marketing. Mary says to use incremental dollars and
incremental resources to integrate new marketing tactics. Who is correct?
A. Only Mary is correct.
B. Neither is correct.
C. Both are correct.
D. Only Jose is correct.
3. Harry and Sven are discussing web leads and closed deals. Harry says that the time to close metric is the
percentage chance that an opportunity will become a closed deal. Sven says the opportunity close rate
metric is the time it takes for a lead to become a closed deal. Who is correct?
A. Only Sven is correct.
B. Only Harry is correct.
C. Both are correct.
D. Neither is correct.
4. You’re tailoring online paid searches to display different ads to people based on their location. This is
known as
A. retargeting.
B. personalization.
C. geotargeting.
D. segmentation.
5. More people are expected to view Web content on mobile devices ahead. Although there are many
advantages, one area in which mobile usability lags behind traditional displays is in
A. forms.
B. geotargeting.
C. media.
D. interaction.
6. Ray and John are discussing event participation. Ray says one good way to get people to your event
booth is to include a special offer that a person must go to your booth to redeem. John says it’s best to
distribute fliers as attendees past by the booth. Who is correct?
A. Both are correct.
B. Neither is correct
C. Only Ray is correct.
D. Only John is correct.
7. Margi and Rich are discussing using a paid search to increase event registration. Margi says that when
potential event attendees want information about an event, most will do a search engine search. Rich says
most potential attendees will go right to the corporate website for information. Who is correct?
A. Both are correct.
B. Only Margi is correct.
C. Only Rich is correct.
D. Neither is correct.
8. All of the following can help reduce drop-off because of shopping care issues except which one?
A. Offer more than one payment option
B. Guarantee quick load time
C. Track cart abandonment
D. Require a sign-in for registration
9. What’s the likelihood that a lead will make a purchase the first time they connect with your product or
A. 0–50%
B. 51–65%
C. 81–100%
D. 66–80%
10. You’re about to set up a score based on how well a lead fits into your customer profile, which is also
known as _______ score.
A. implicit
B. inherent
C. explicit
D. embedded
11. All of the following are ways to combine print advertising with online except which one?
A. Use a search component
B. Use a social media component
C. Use a readership count
D. Include a landing page
12. You know that content is increasingly being viewed on mobile devices. Since you want your site to be
mobile-friendly, you should have the Web developers build it in
A. Google.
B. Flash.
13. All of the following about CRMs are true except which one?
A. It’s used to move leads through the sales funnel.
B. It’s used to note closed deals.
C. It’s used to manage budgeting for SEO.
D. It’s used to assign dollar values to leads.
14. When you want to nurture your prospects post-event, which of the following would you use to post
videos of event sessions?
A. Facebook
B. SlideShare
C. Twitter
D. YouTube
15. If a Promoted Tweet appears at the top of a user’s Twitter stream and has nothing to do with that
person’s interests or what’s happening in his or her feed, what will that tweet feel like to the user?
A. Product tweet
C. Spam
D. Promotion
16. You’re working on online paid searches. Different ads display to users the closer to an event is to
occurring in order to entice them to register. This is known as
A. retargeting.
B. personalization.
C. geotargeting.
D. segmentation.
17. Before you integrate your marketing automation with CRM, you stay aware of potential issues that
may arise. Which of the following is not a potential issue?
A. Keywords
B. Data cleanliness
C. Lack of buy-in
D. Privacy
End of exam
18. The four factors, product, price, promotion, and place, are a driving force for a company’s
A. budget plan.
B. marketing results.
C. brand image and value proposition.
D. sales results.
19. The Rule of Quarters is a marketing strategy Greg Poirier devised for budgeting. Which of the
following is not part of his suggested budget pools?
A. Retargeting
B. Tried and true
C. Social media
D. Paid search
20. When you send out a mass email during a marketing campaign, which of the following is a guideline
you should follow?
A. Send emails before 6 A.M.
B. Make sure recipients have opted in
C. Send emails in rich text format
D. Keep email lengths under 650 pixels

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