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Problem Statement

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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page
break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. You’re analyzing the metrics for your website. When measuring how many people did what you wanted
them to do, you’re measuring
A. bounce rate.
B. engagement.
C. conversion.
D. visits.
2. You would like to perform social listening online, but you don’t have a budget to do so. Which of the
following tools should you consider?
A. Sysmosis
B. Nielsen
C. Scout Labs
D. Radian6
3. Brenda and Quinn are discussing net detractors and net promoters. Brenda says it’s the net promoters
that you would want to give special discounts and promotions to. Quinn says you would want to give the
net detractors the special offers. Who is correct?
A. Neither is correct.
B. Only Brenda is correct.
C. Only Quinn is correct.
D. Both are correct.
4. You know the importance of keywords in a search. You can filter keywords by all of the following,
except which one?
A. Geography
B. Trends
C. Volume
D. Competition
5. Stephan and Maria are planning their capacity for social media marketing. Stephan says that the number
of people necessary depends on the management of both PR and customer service. Maria says it depends
on the size of the customer base and the depth of the company’s investment in brand recognition. Who is
A. Only Stephan is correct.
B. Only Maria is correct.
C. Both are correct.
D. Neither is correct.
6. All of the following are common measures for integrated social media metrics except which one?
A. Total network
B. High exit rate
C. Website interaction
D. Share of voice
7. You’re trying to understand the difference between search keywords and social keywords. One key
difference is that social keywords
A. require modifiers.
B. can be filtered through geography.
C. trend hourly.
D. can be filtered through volume.
8. You’re looking through reports about your website. Which of the following does not represent a possible
traffic problem?
A. Unbalanced sources of visitors
B. Abandoned form pages
C. Content pages without visits
D. High ad impressions with low clicks
9. Two marketers are discussing feedback loops. Marketer A says that his company profits by responding
to misinformation and high-impression exchanges. Marketer B says that her company profits by responding
to business-halting service and high-volume exchanges. Who is correct?
A. Only Marketer B is correct.
B. Neither is correct.
C. Both are correct.
D. Only Marketer A is correct.
10. You’re trying to incorporate usability best practices into your web design. Where do most visitors
expect your logo to be on your page?
A. Top center
B. Upper right or left
C. Anywhere centered
D. Lower left or right
11. You’re looking into how search keywords work in your campaigns. Which of the following must be
used to better reflect how people speak?
A. Comments
B. Modifiers
C. Sentiments
D. Filters
12. What is the main point of optimization?
A. Increase SEO rankings
B. Capture the highest-ranking keywords
C. Convert visitors to leads
D. Improve touchpoints of your site
13. Before you jump into a social media marketing campaign, you want to listen to what your target
audience is discussing. The basic component for listening on social media is
A. trends.
B. keywords.
C. topics.
D. metadata.
14. When designing your website to match users’ expectations, what should you keep in mind when it
comes to fonts?
A. Use sans-serif fonts
B. Aim for at least five to break up the text
C. Keep styles limited
D. Use a different style for headings and another for paragraphs
15. As someone who writes content for your web page, you are dismayed to find out most people don’t
read all the content on the page. They typically scan a page in the shape of which letter?
A. E
B. B
C. L
D. F
16. You’re eager to get started on a social media marketing campaign. What is the first step you should
A. Develop your approach
B. Form your extended social media squad
C. Listen and gather facts
D. Set measurement baselines
17. You’re working on PR efforts online and you would like to find some influencers to help you spread
your content. According to a Traackr’s 2011 study, which of the following has the most resources for
A. Google
B. Twitter
C. LinkedIn
D. Instagram
End of exam
18. Juan and Nancy are discussing key B2B conversion stages. Juan says that during the early stage,
customers engage in the corporate website. Nancy says during the early stage, customers are downloading
informational materials. Who is correct?
A. Both are correct.
B. Only Juan is correct.
C. Only Nancy is correct.
D. Neither is correct.
19. In working on your online PR efforts, you’re trying to make them engaging to your audience. Which of
the following is not a guideline according to your textbook?
A. Make something special
B. Post surveys
C. Be authentic
D. Target your engagement
20. When analyzing your conversion pages, you notice a high drop-off rate on form pages. What is one
possible cause?
A. The content is not engaging.
B. The navigation is not user-friendly.
C. Questions are intrusive.
D. Directions aren’t clear.

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Lab Price = $10.5
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Please feel free to send us your queries at: [email protected]

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